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gadgets & badges for sale
Easton badges
Chase fly-tying bobbin, NIB, SOLD. 1967-1970 Easton, PA, Fish & Game Ass'n badges, $20. Herter's Hook Harness, NIB, $10.
Kant Reel Lash Adapter, NIB, SOLD. dealer box of 36 Ideal split shot tins, size 7, SOLD. Oberlin Canteen Co. Bait Cage, NIB, Sold.
1971 & 1972 Warren County Rod & Gun Club badges, $10. 1963 New Brunswick Guide License, $10. 1930 New Jersey Resident Hunting & Fishing License, $15.
2 Herring Magic minnow harness, 1 EX w/box, 1 NIB w/paper, SOLD. Marbles match safe, EX, $25. 1975 PA Resident Fishing License, $10.
Oiler, unknown maker, $10. South Bend Shotmaster, new w/extra box of shot discs, $30. Dealer card of 10 Perfection Hook Savers, $15.
1931 New Jersey Resident Hunting & Fishing License, $15. Lanes Automatic Thumber, NIB, SOLD. Tie-Fast Knot Tyer, NOC, SOLD.