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Offering a wide variety of vintage lures.

Heddon, Creek Chub Bait Co, South Bend, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Paw Paw, Bomber Bait Co, and many others. You will also find reels and general fishing tackle.


Photo galleries of vintage lures & reels.

A collection of Heddon lures in rainbow color. A collection of reels that includes Meek & Milam, B.C. Milam, Meisselbach, Julius Von Hofe, Winchester, and others. A collection of fly rod lures.


A source of information.

Color charts, manufacturer codes, pocket catalogs, vintage magazine ads & articles, and a list of recommended books to help identify those tacklebox treasures.


Links to other vintage fishing tackle websites and clubs and organizations.
Collecting vintage fishing tackle has become a very popular hobby and family activity in recent years. As a member of the National Fishing Lure Collector's Club, (NFLCC), and the Old Reel Collector's Association, (O.R.C.A.), I would invite you to visit their websites or attend one of their shows. It's the best way to meet other collector's, share knowledge, and maybe find that special bait to add to your collection.

Contact Information

Glen Brewton
Member NFLCC & O.R.C.A.

NFLCC Region 10 Vintage Tackle Show

November 9, 10, & 11, 2017

Hotel Rosedale

Bakersfield, California